Places of interest

From Montalbano you can easily reach the following tourist locations:

    Baia Vallugola (Vallugola Bay)

    vallugolaThe Vallugola Bay is made by two promontories that split Gabicce from Castel di Mezzo.
    It’s easy to understand that during the Roman period the coast was very different from the actual shape and Vallugola’s harbour was a sort of fiord where the sea could pierce giving a sure docking to the boats.
    Vallugola is known since ancient times and it should have been appreciated by Greek sailors who never lost the seight from the coast and could provide drinking water.
    After year 1000 the harbour increased its importance, so it became object of many controversies between Ravenna and Pesaro that wanted the control of the Vallugola’s seaport.
    While Pesaro harbour, situated at the estuary of Foglia river was always covered by sand and stones, Vallugola’s harbour became ducal with an own master and an official who collected duties. The main goods leaving from the harbour was: local products, broad beans, vases and water-bags full with wine, oil and seeds coming from the rich island. In 1914 Della Rovere decided to deviate the Foglia river’s flow and to activate the Pesaro’s harbour and Vallugola lost completely its importance.

    Fiorenzuola di Focara

    fiorenzuolaIt’s one of the 4 castles ( together with Casteldimezzo, Gradara and Granarola) built between X and XIII centuries in order to create a fuctional difensive system to control the Siligata’s passage ( crossing place) which firstly was located on a border land between the Ravenna’s church and Pesaro’s church, then between Rimini’s and Pesaro’s Malatesta.
    In the origin the hamlet was called Fiorenzuola and only on 1890 it took the name of Fiorenzuola di Focara probably because of the many fires used at that time to signal the position to the boats or to signal the “ fornacelle” that were special furnaces used for the production of bricks and terracotta products.
    As proof of its history, in the city there’re still some gates dated ‘600-‘700, some doorknockers and rests of the medieval walls.
    Very interesting to see is the door on which there’s a tablet recalling Dante’s verses that tell a fact really happened into the sea water ( inferno XXVIII)
    Another place to visit is the Sant’Andrea’s church of which there’re documents since XII century.
    It’s very suggestive to take a walk in this small hamlet that preserves in its alleys and squares the memories of the past.


    gradaraGradara’s castle was in the past governated by different lordships such as Della Rovere and Malatesta.
    Gradara became famous due to the passionate and tragic story of Paolo e Francesca, described by Dante in the Vth canto of the Inferno poem.
    The Gradara’s castle is very well conserved and is one of the most beautiful castles of Italy.
    During the year, the Proloco association organizes festivals and historical reconstruction.

    Grotte di Frasassi

    frasassiFrassassi’s caves are located inside the natural regional park Gola della Rossa and Frasassi in Ancona province. The caves with their 30 km of extension represent one of the biggest and most fascinating underground itinerary of the world.
    They are karst underground caves discovered on 1948.

    Grotte di Onferno

    onfernoOnferno’s caves represent a karst structure of remarkable value. The scientific exploration is dated 1916 and it has been conducted by the speleologist Quarina. An underground river digged the gypsum rocks shaping tunnels, rooms and clefts that develop in the underground for around 750mt. 400 mt are accessible to everyone and the effect is spectacular: big rooms with the rare structure called “mammelloni”, wide hallways marked by the underground river. In the caves there’s the biggest and most various community of bats of Italy.


    mondainoPlaces of interest in Mondaino’s hamlet are: the square and the malatestian fortress where you can even visit the Paleontologic Museum. Each August the whole city changes its appearance for the Palio del Daino( Deer Prize) which is a medieval historical econstruction.
    Mondaino is a malatestian citadel and it seems to be founded by the Etruscans. Probably the name is due to the big amount of deers that lived in the local woods.


    montegridolfoMontegridolfo is the most intact medieval hamlet of Rimini and is situated between Romagna and Marche regions.
    The landscape is pleasant with all its soft hill that climb down to the valley. The structure of the village is beautiful and all the restructured buildings make Montegridolfo one of the most qualified and innovative center for the tourism and relax of the whole Romagna’s inland.

    Morciano di Romagna

    morcianoMorciano di Romagna rises in the center of Valconca valley, around 20 km from the Adriatic coast at 85 mt above the sea level. It’s the main city of the valley in terms of business. Each year for the ancient Fiera di San Gregorio it becomes the kernel of Romagna and it takes place since 1.200 a.d.
    Morciano is famous as home town of the sculptor Arnaldo Pomodoro and the futurist painter Umberto Boccioni who was born in Reggio Calabria but as his parents were from Morciano he has always considered himself native of Romagna.
    Mociano is also wellknown for the ancient Ghigi’ pasta factory.


    saludecioSaludecio rises from few km from the Riviera Romagnola on a small hill of the Valconca valley at 348 mt asl.
    It’s a medieval hamlet in Rimini district and it’s in the center of the Malatestian fortress’s crown. Saludecio was a stronghold but also shelter for the pilgrims and main city of the Valley during the Renaissance period.
    The walls preserve the sign of the vivid past.

    San Giovanni in Marignano

    sangiovanniSan Giovanni in Marignano is the entrance door to the Valconca Valley, Cattolica’s beaches are just few km away and the village is surrounded by the first hills that bring to the Appennini mounts.
    The economy is based on agricultural products as the ground is very fertile and the farmlands is well drawed.
    Wheat and wine are plentiful and of excellent quality. The ancient fortresses and the village’s structure tell the importance that the village had among the Malatestian lordship.
    Nowadays in San Giovanni in Marignano lots of companies of international importance and leader in branches such as fashion and shipbuilding have their headquarters.
    Due to the good recovery of its culture, architectural properties and innate vocation for theater and music, San Giovanni in Marignano is one of the most active and important point of Rimini’s district.
    During the year there are several local markets and fairs on the streets and during the summer solstice for one week the magic Witches’ night brings traditions and mystery.

    San Leo

    saleoSan Leo rises on a huge rock at around 30 km from Rimini, in the Marecchia’s valley. To get there there’s only one street carved out from the rock. On the highest top of the rocky spur rises the fortress which is a unassailable stronghold that has been enlarged and then around 1600 adapted to become a jail where illustrious convicts such as Cagliostro Count and Felice Orsini have been imprisoned.
    The view from San Leo is one of the most beautiful and typical of the region: the view extends from the surrounding mounts down to the valley reaching finally the sea.

    San Marino

    sanmarinoSan Marino estate is the 3rd smallest country of Europe it’s the most ancient Republic of the world.
    San Marino rises on the Monte Titano, it has own mint, stamps, football team and army.
    Visiting San Marino you shall see the 3 beautiful fortresses on the top of the mount, connected one to the other by rock paths all connected to the citadel which is surrounded by a triple raw of walls. From each side of the territory, especially from the top of the mount the view is unique and unforgettable: Emilia Romagna’s lands, Marche’s and Montefeltro’s hills down to the Adriatic sea

Theme Parks

From la Rosa dei Venti B&B you can swiftly reach the following theme parks:

    Cattolica Aquarium

    lenaviA new way to know the sea with its inhabitants and history. The wonderful adventure of the sea from the hearth’ s origin to nowadays. The aquarium of the Adriatic Sea in Cattolica hosts sharks and 3000 fishes from the seas of the whole planet and gives the possibility to swim aside the sharks, unique attraction in Italy. Otters, sharks, caymans and pinguins are also host of the aquarium.
    Piazzale delle Nazioni, 47841, Cattolica (RN)
    Tel: 0541 8371
    Fax: 0541 831350


    aquafanIt’s the most famous aqua park of Europe and it’s more than 20 years that it entertains and amuses millions of visitors. The secret of its success is that Aquafan is not simply an aqua park but a real aqua city made by fast rivers, kamikaze, pools with waves, twisters and speed runs. The amusement is guaranteed
    Via Ascoli Piceno 6, 47838, Riccione (RN)
    Tel: 0541 603050
    Fax: 0541 606454


    fiabilandiaIt’s the ideal place for the whole family and includes more than 30 attractions.
    Neverlands exists and it’s in Rimini. The Peter Pan’s bay, Merlino’s castle, the gold mine and the Apache’s village wait for you. And if the nature is your passion come to visit the garden of the forgotten Fruits and the farmer ‘s house next to the Old farm where you can experience the one-time traditions, when we lived in contact with the nature. Cinema 4D.
    Via Gerolamo Cardano 15, 47924, Rimini (RN)

    Garden Golf

    gardengolfIt’s an outdoor recreation ground with mini gold tracks, elastic pogo sticks, small electric car’s circuit, bar and playground.
    Via Panoramica 40, 61011, Gabicce Mare (PU)

    Horses Riviera Resort

    horserivieraresortThere are ideal places made to ride some special moments of life. Green fields to run wild from grey times and beaches of sand where smiles grow. A place where the smell of leather is guarded by arches of pine wood and the neighs of the horses, with their solemn pace. The Horses Riviera resort is ready to make you discover each time the beauty of a ride.
    via Montalbano 353, 47842, San Giovanni in Marignano (RN)
    Tel: 0541 826611
    Fax: 0541 826666


    imaxThe most fascinating and spectacular cinematographic experience of the world, the widest screen of the world is in Riccione, next to Aquafan.
    Viale Ascoli Piceno, 47838, Riccione (RN)
    Tel: 0541 609000
    Fax: 0541 427101

    Italia in Miniatura

    italiainminiaturaHere you can live a wonderful adventure, exploring the Italian and European cultural patrimony, through more than 270 perfect reproductions in scale of architectural monuments and masterpieces. If you think that walking in Venezia’s canals, visiting the Colosseum and admiring the Vesuvio Vulcan is not possible to do in more than few hours that means that you’ll never been in Italia in Miniatura.
    Via Popilia 239, 47922, Viserba di Rimini (RN)
    Tel: 0541 736736
    Fax: 0541 732203


    mirabilandiaIt’s the biggest amusement theme park of the Riviera Adriatica and one of the main in Europe; a jewel that combines the genius of technology, the humanity of the greatest artist of the amusement and the innovation of the digital world. It’s made by 6 theme areas done by 47 amazing attractions and 15 shows that takes place both on day and night. If you decide to return the day after is entrance is free.
    48125, Ravenna (RA)
    Tel: 0544 560195
    Fax: 0544 561156


    oltremareThe theme park Oltremare offers amusement, nature and environment: the Ulisse’s island, the dolphins ‘ lagoon, the owl’ s mill, the sea, the farm, IMAX 3D movie theater. It’s a games’ paradise! It’s a 4000 mq area where the amusement is even an occasion to make an experience rich of educational contents.
    Come to discover the life on the Po river ’s delta, the animals of the farm, the dolphins’ world, the elegance of the seahorses and all the nature around you. It will be an incredible experience both for children and adults.
    via Ascoli Piceno 6, Riccione (RN)

    Riviera Golf Resort

    rivieragolfresortIt ‘s located just at 4 km from the sea. 18 holes and not only: swimming pool, wellness areas and a gym center to take care of your body.
    Via Conca Nuova 1236, 47842, San Giovanni in Marignano (RN)
    Tel: 0541 956499